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Introducing PP360 Framework.

We offer a centralized marketing and sales platform that integrates all of your sales and marketing communications into a single, easy-to-use system. Tell us where you want to go.

Our framework is essentially a marketing management platform that runs your day-to-day operation including website, online store, partner portal and various marketing communications. Small and medium sized businesses may have the brand, the goods and the services, but may lack the personnel or budgets to generate marketing or sales campaigns that will promote their company or business.

With our Framework, all the offerings that are needed for inbound and outbound communications can be controlled through this unique platform. In reality, if you were to build a successful online presence, you’d need various 3rd party tools that can be cumbersome at times.
Corporate Office
3190-E. Airport Loop Drive Suite #E-2
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Tel: (949) 743-1155
Fax: +1-256895623
PP360 has offer cool features such as:File Sharing, Marketing Automation, Dynamic Content Generation, Channel Marketing, LMS, Email Marketing, Gamification, CRM, CMS and eCommerce. For more info please click here.
Below are the list of support features available with PP360:
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