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We Avail Easy Installation & Easy Upgrades.

Most of the Content Management Systems acquire complex installation process and also are the toughest to keep the website updated. But pp360 features the easiest installation process that even a user of beginner skill level can easily operate. All you need to do is to create a database and run the pp360 installer.

Our upgrading process is also simpler than other systems available these days. We have created a one-click upgrade program that just makes your desired updates in the flick of eye. Give it a try and find the truth in our words.
PP360 Dashboard

Reasons why you should go with PP360

Search Engine Optimized
We avail various SEO plugins to make your website SEO friendly and to control its SEO with out of the box ideas.
It doesn’t matter who you are because everyone needs a website these days. Now you can create a blog, a business website, a magazine or a portfolio. All this with beautiful themes and added plug-in support.
Menu Manager
Edit your menus the way you want. You can add different styles, structure, layouts, rollovers, automatic breadcrumbs and plethora of other navigation options that you can imagine.
Syndication and Newsfeed Management
A dedicated feed button will allow users to subscribe your content in their favorite RSS reader. With newsfeed management you can show almost all of the latest news on your own website.
Contact Management
It is the database of your contact information. Now you can add several extra fields to each of your contact. You can also create a listing of these contacts.
Built-in Comments
We provide you a space to create a discussion or comments section that will grab good rankings for your website.
PP360 Dashboard

We’re Multilingual.

Pp360 owns the pride of being a multilingual Content Management System that is available almost in 70 languages used worldwide. We have made it really an easy job for you to create a website in as many languages you want.

Just imagine how impressive your website would be when it will have a Translate option in the native language of the country, it is accessed. We make it happen in reality.

We Provide Full Support .

We don’t believe in gathering crowd and leave it on its own fate. Rather we believe in collecting enthusiasts and support them in their website maintenance as well. For this, we have created a pp360 community forum that is an online home to thousands of experienced developers and supportive business consultants.

A single query or problem shared by you on this community forum will get multiple solutions by the most capable brains of the industry. We also publish various blogs relevant to the support system of your website.
PP360 Dashboard
PP360 Dashboard

Easily Operated Media Management.

A picture can display what words can describe only! Pp360 has made it really easy to upload, edit, organize and manage images and galleries. You can even insert video files to enhance the effect of words available on your website. All you need is to just copy and paste the link of media file you want to upload or just drag and drop it.

Our Content Management System will automatically upload all your media files and also makes its usage an easy task. If you ever try, you will find our tools just like fun in their usage.

Content Management & Publishing.

pp360 features all-in-one content management system. Now you can easily create, edit and manage your website content. You can also create your customized layouts, schedule your publications and can also make it public or private. All these content related tasks need no knowledge of codes as well. You can simply make any content changes and make it live in a single click.

You can also manage to show your most popular blogs, articles or latest items on top and secure your posts or pages simply with a password.
PP360 Dashboard